Each “Base model” fire pit will be comprised of;

  1. 4X individual panels, each selected by the customer individually.
  2. 1X Firepit Base
  3. 1X Firepit Stand

This base firepit costs $300.00 + GST & PST

Additional features (listed below) will be optional if the customer wishes to select them. These are the firepit cover, and the firepit finishing options.

This firepit is designed to be taken down quickly and easily so that storage in the winter is simple.

  • Firepit total weight  : 105 lbs
  • Firepit material : 10 gauge sides, 3/16” base and stand, all mild steel
  • Firepit cover options : No cover (No additional charge), Flat cover with expanded steel mesh (+100)
  • Finish type options  : Unfinished/raw steel (No additional charge), Matte Black powdercoat (+$125), Gloss black powdercoat (+$125)
Firepit cover options
Finish type options

Please note that additional design requests will be subject to additional fees at a rate of $30 per panel.